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How to Care for Wooden Utensils

You’d be surprised how much longer your wooden utensils will last if you take care of them. In today’s blog we share some basic tips to care for your wooden spoons. They are more delicate than you’d think. 


Wooden utensils should be washed immediately after use, with a soft sponge. It is necessary to let them dry very well to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood, as this could cause the appearance of fungi that would cause irreversible damage and that could even harm your health. For this same reason, they should not be soaked.


In case they have spots, the lemon will be your best ally. Pass half a lemon on its surface and let it act for a few minutes, then wash them with warm water.


If they dry out and crack, you can put a thin layer of olive oil to hydrate them. Take a look at our line sheet for discover all our products.

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