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5 Alternative Ways To Use Your Paella Pan

Paella is the traditional dish of Valencia, Spain. In fact, the word Paellera is a Valencian word that literally translates to “pan”. You see, Paella pans are one of the most versatile pans in the market. There are so many alternatives that you can cook on them. This is our top 5 alternative ways to use your paella pan:

  1. Cook your meats, chickens or fishes: Because Paellas are wide, they allow you to cook various things at the same time. Its thin metal heats up very quickly, shortening your cook time a lot. So, instead of cooking in batches, your can almost immediately put various meats on the pan after heating it up. 
  1. For Breakfast: Depending on the side of your paella pan, you can make your scrambled eggs in one corner, bacon in the other. Brown your toast in butter and even make your pancakes on it. It will make cooking so much faster, with half the mess. 
  1. Barbecuing: You can place your paella on almost any heating surface, including your barbecue! Instead of grilling your veggies on the barbecue and risking them falling through the cracks, make them in your paella pan. Asparagus, zucchini, broccolini, or any other vegetable will toast perfectly on your paella pan. 
  1. Stir-Frying: Paella pans are an amazing substitute for a wok. It creates and distributes heat evenly throughout making sure that all your ingredients cook evenly. Saute your veggies, meats, and even rice in your paella pan. You will be amazed by the results!
  1. Campfire cooking: Oh yes, your paella will work over a campfire. Instead of bringing a bunch of pans, one paella pan will be the solution to your camping problems. You can cook for everyone at once and create delicious outdoors meals. Just make sure to have adequate support for it over the fire.

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5 Ways To Use Your Paella Pan – Machika