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About Machika

Machika is a family-owned business that, since 2019, has worked towards the goal of getting more families and individuals cooking in the kitchen. To achieve this, we provide customers with the tools and recipe they need to cook dozens of different recipes from across the world. At Machika, we believe that the most important area of every home is the kitchen. As it becomes more common to simply order in, people will continue to grow apart from the food they eat. Knowing your way around ingredients, cookware, and the kitchen are important parts of life. Recipes and traditions are vital to any family, and the kitchen is where many of those are built.

We strive to provide products that connect with people to create unforgettable life experiences. Every day, we work to be present in the most important moment for building relationships: the elaboration and enjoyment of food. From a good cup of coffee to the liberation of a good snack, we strive to be there. Leaving aside typical routines to open way for the values and family traditions that, without us noticing, stay alive in the memories of our generations through smells, tastes, and the lessons that transform into the legacy of our families. Whether you are buying one of our authentic Spanish Paella Pans or looking to create a charcuterie spread, we have the right products for you. We rely on only premium quality materials.

Our Promise

To deliver happiness to our clients, offering high-quality products, modern and useful so that through every experience you yearn, discover, and maintain the best of tradition: sharing your love of cooking at home. If you are for whatever reason unsatisfied with your order, you can reach out to use and we will refund your order if not heavily damaged or your order is over 30 days old.

Our Manifesto

We believe our products can transform family time and create long-lasting experiences and memories by improving your time in the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen and everything that has to do with it is a place of affection and love. We enjoy turning products and utensils into instruments that improve social interactions, creates cherished memories, and create important life values. In those moments, it is the utensil that fits the tradition. We do not create routine; we create a life where everyone is invited to live and be part of.

Our Vision

We love to see people not only using our products but taking advantage of them to the necessity of building solid relationships in your home, so that no matter the time, situation, or place where you are you will always remember where the heart of your family is. Whether you are looking to get into setting up your own charcuterie spreads or authentic Spanish paella, you can find the right tools and recipes here at Machika.com.


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Who is Machika: History, Values and Mission | Machika