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The three best chicken paella recipes every beginner can make

Paella can be a complex recipe that requires trial and error to get perfect. Some recipes require dozens of ingredients and steps with a cooking time of over 2 hours! However, everyone must start from somewhere and starting with the more complex recipes can be difficult. That is why we at Machika want to present you with our top 3 paella recipes for beginners! Rather than jumping into the deep end of paella cooking, it is best to start with the basics. Once you learn the basics of making paella, you can get started with more complex recipes. You probably would not want to start with a lobster tail and aged chorizo sausage paella first. The simplest paella recipe to cook is going to be a chicken paella recipe. Seafood paella typically require more work and include more ingredients.

Before cooking paella, you are going to need a proper sized paella pan and a large enough heat source. If your stove top is not large enough, you can even use your oven, though it is a bit more time-consuming. The best way to use your pan is going to be with a paella burner or over an open fire pit. Gas powered paella burners are great for grilling and cooking outdoors in general. Cooking with a paella pan is a slightly different experience than with a regular pan. They are lighter, thinner, and absorb heat much faster than other pans. With that in mind, here is our list for the top 3 best chicken paella recipes for beginners:

  • Machika Chicken Quinoa Paella
  • Organic Chicken Paella
  • Paella Italiana

Machika Chicken Quinoa Paella

Eating healthy is more important than ever as dietary problems become more common throughout the United States. Nowadays, there are just too many unhealthy options easily available for people. Cooking at home is a great way to control your diet and ensure you are eating healthy. You get to choose your own fresh ingredients and avoid adding too much salt, oil, or other ingredients. Our organic chicken quinoa recipe is the perfect recipe for those looking to eat healthier while still enjoying delicious food. You can find our chicken quinoa paella recipe by clicking the link here.

This recipe makes around 6-8 servings of paella, so you will need an appropriate pan for the job. A 15-inch paella pan should be the perfect size. You can purchase a brand-new authentic enameled steel paella pan imported from Valencia, Spain from our store today! Just click this link to buy a 15-inch paella pan.

Organic Chicken Paella

Organic foods are more than just a buzzword to get people to buy slightly more expensive ingredients. Organic foods tend to have higher concentrations of nutrients and better flavor than their non-organic counterparts. This organic chicken paella recipe is an easy dish to make for beginners to cooking paella. Rather than buying a ton of ingredients to make this recipe, you only need about a dozen. This makes getting your ingredients easy and quick. If you are making lunch or dinner for the entire household, then this recipe is perfect. You will get about 8 servings of paella with this recipe.

Paella Italiana

This chicken paella recipe is something you should consider making for special occasions. It is a more traditional chorizo and chicken recipe, so it is great for beginners looking for to make a more traditional paella dish. While not a Spanish recipe, it is still true to traditional Spanish paellas and very delicious. This recipe is slightly more difficult than the previous two, but nothing that even a beginner cannot handle. Just make sure you follow the directions closely and use the right ingredients. You can find the Paella Italiana recipe by clicking the link here.


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Top 3 Chicken Paella Recipes for Beginners – Machika