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Doris - Machika Kitchen Traditions

Food is more than something we need to survive; it brings us closer and allows people to grow. Not having that opportunity in your life can be a mistake. There is much to gain in terms of connections and human interaction whether making a paella with your new Machika paella pan or making a vegetarian meal for the family. After all, throughout history the sharing of meals has always be center in family life.

Nowadays, it can be easy to take that for granted. Many people are working and even kids can have packed school schedules and afternoon activities. Having the time to cook is just as important as cooking itself. It is a time where you can relax and connect with each other in a way where your attention is only towards the conversation the food rather than over distractions. With the importance of home cooking and tradition in mind, we at Machika present our third Kitchen Traditions episode in our short docuseries.

Meet Doris and her Kitchen Tradition of Cooking Cachapas

Our third incredible individual we followed in our Kitchen Tradition series is Doris. She is another woman from rural Venezuela whose cooking and traditions resonate throughout her life and the life of her friends and family. Living in rural Venezuela is not easy but instead requires dedication and hard work. Rather than just ordering food, cooking takes center stage. Doris’ recipe of choice is Cachapas. It is a traditional recipe that uses corn to make a type of dough. The dough can then be cooked in a pan to make a think bread like pancake.

The Tradition of Cachapas

Doris begins by taking us through some of the history and her beautiful property. From there, we get a deeper understanding of what the recipe and cooking means to her. The tradition is an old one that came about primarily due to seasonal foods. Farmers have different harvesting seasons for different food. When it becomes corn season, it has become a tradition for her and some of her surrounding neighbors to make Cachapas.

You can easily make Cachapas at home using ingredients from your local grocery store. Dough is typically fried on a large flat pan and comes out similar to arepas. Doris and her family then pair the bread with deliciously cooked meats and cheese for the perfect flavor combination. You can start making Cachapas at home and make it a kitchen tradition yourself! In the end, it doesn’t matter what recipe you cook as long as you make cooking a positive tradition in your home!

Read and Watch More at Machika Today!

At Machika, we know that cooking and family traditions can play an important role in anyone life. Without that family time, how will you catch up learn and connect with the various people in your family? Even if your family is small, there is nothing that brings people together like eating so get out there and start cooking today! You can read more articles on cooking and buy Machika kitchenware by clicking here. You can check out the other two episodes in our Kitchen Traditions series by going to the YouTube playlist here! And remember, at Machika, #everyoneisinvited.

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Doris - Machika Kitchen Traditions