The Best Form to Use Machika Dough Press Set

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The Best Form to Use Machika Dough Press Set

Our dough press set is one of the most versatile products we have. The set comes with  four different sizes. You can make empanadas, dumplings, calzones, and pastelitos. Honestly, the list goes on and on. The only limit is your imagination. Create delicious pouches of joy with any filling that you want. Best part is, this dough maker is extremely straightforward to use. It will cut your cook time by half and make the experience enjoyable. You can even get the kids to help!

To use our dough maker: 

  1. Choose the type of dough you will use.
  2. Flatten or roll out an individual portion 
  3. Place the flat dough on the empanada maker.
  4. Choose your filling and put it in the middle of the doug
  5.  Close the empanada maker and voila…

You’ve got a perfectly pressed dough on your hands. All that is left is choosing how you are going to cook it. Deep fried? Grilled? Boiled? Everything goes. 

Here is an example of how to make an argentinian empanada:

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The Best Form to Use Machika Dough Press Set