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Movie night? This cheese board recipe is the ideal spread for a movie night


What’s better than a movie and some food? Not much, but sometimes popcorn with a movie gets old. If you want for something new, nutritious, and more filling, a movie-night charcuterie spread may be the unique twist you need! Try out this delicious cheeseboard / charcuterie spread recipe next time you have a movie night and stun all your guests! Charcuterie may look complex and difficult to create, but it is actually simple once you know all the parts that go into it. This movie-night charcuterie spread will feature some of the delicious snacks and foods you are used to eating at the movies!

Much of the work of plating a charcuterie spread comes from the design. While you can know what goes into a spread, how you lay out or present the foods matter. You should first make sure you have a high-quality bamboo cheeseboard / charcuterie board before starting. Purchase a new premium cheeseboard with cutting / serving knives from Machika by clicking the link here.

However, this is also the fun part of making charcuterie. You can create a unique design and spread that is all your own. If you are trouble finding the exact ingredients listed, you can replace them with similar alternatives. For example, if you see a spread that recommends a mild soft cheese, you do not need to use that specific cheese. Another type of mild soft cheese could be just as fitting. Charcuterie is all about flavor, appearance, and texture.

Cheese Board Ideas for Your Movie Night

Cheeses are a huge part of any charcuterie spread. Some spreads highly focus on cheese and are more-or-less cheeseboard spreads instead of charcuterie. Really, the only difference between the two is that charcuterie tends to have more of a variety and focus on preserved meats versus cheese. However, the two terms are nowadays interchangeable. When going for cheeses in this spread, you will want non-pungent medium to hard cheeses that are easy to handle. After all, you may have to use a remote control or your phone, so that thing you want is a messy charcuterie spread.

Cheeseboard Meats, Cheeses, and Spreads

  • Dried peperoni
  • Dried beef strips (jerky)
  • Cheddar cheese cubes
  • Blue cheese spread

Charcuterie Spread Fruits and Veggies

  • Fresh strawberries (with ends cut off)
  • Grapes

Crackers, Breads, and Spreads

  • Caramel popcorn
  • Cheddar popcorn
  • Graham crackers
  • Candied almonds
  • Unsalted crackers
  • Dark chocolate chips
  • Lightly salted peanuts

Setting Up Your Movie Night Charcuterie Board

When it comes to setting up this charcuterie board, you do not have to do much. Many ingredients, like the chocolate ships and popcorn, should be in individual bowls. Do not mix them together in one large bowl or lay them directly on top of your Machika cheeseboard. To keep them from rolling off, use small bowls instead. Other ingredients, like the crackers and dried beef, do not need to be placed in a bowl. With this spread, you really do not need to do much. Simply make sure all your ingredients fit on your board and that they are looking nicely organized! This fun spread is completely up to your imagination. Think of other movie foods you would add to this type of charcuterie spread.

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The best idea for a cheese board spread on movie night – Machika