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Beginner? These are the sausage and cheese boards you need to know about

There are many factors when it comes to making a great charcuterie spread. Questions like what meats are you going to use, will you be pairing it with wine, and what cheeses go best with your choices are all things you should be considering. Charcuterie and cheese boards are pretty interchangeable, with there being little difference between the boards you would use. In fact, most people used to think of them as the same thing. Traditional cheeseboards, however, had much more of a focus on cheese. This means that a cheeseboard and a charcuterie board are essentially the same thing. You can use one for either, since the real difference lies in the plating and the food choices.

A cheeseboard would of course typically have cheese, olives, and some crackers or toasted bread, while a charcuterie spread could have a variety of fruits, cheeses, pates, meats, and more. Nowadays, they are more similar to each other. If you are looking for where to buy a premium quality charcuterie board or cheese board, then Machika is the perfect choice for you. At our online store, you can buy our cheeseboard / charcuterie board set. Each set is made of high-quality bamboo and comes with a set of knives for cutting cheese and serving.

Origins of Charcuterie and Cheese Boards

Charcuterie is not a new concept and has been around for hundreds of years. In the past, the only way you would get preserved meats in certain areas of the world was through methods like salt, brining, and smoking. This led to there being a desire to present preserved foods like cheeses, unleavened breads and crackers, and salted meats. Fresh fruit was also typically served, sometimes alongside nuts. Traditional charcuterie came around the 15th in France as a way to serve preserved pork products. Cheeseboards do not differ much, though you are expected to have more variety of cheese rather than just a couple. With that in mind, here is a charcuterie spread you could make at home with basic ingredients from your local supermarket.

Basic Charcuterie Spread

A basic charcuterie spread does not need to be complex to be delicious and eye catching. Plating and design are a large part of making a charcuterie spread unique. Colors of your ingredients and placement are what make a board alluring. You should make sure to consider how your board is laid out in terms of color contrast, symmetry, and appeal. For this board, you will want a couple of small sauce dishes to hold a sauce and a jelly and something savory like cream cheese. The ingredients you will need for this spread are:

  • Green olives
  • Crackers
  • Toasted whole wheat bread
  • Dried chorizo sausage
  • Prosciutto
  • Fresh Mozzarella cheese
  • Aged cheddar cheese (cubed)
  • Dried salami
  • Red and white Grapes
  • Strawberries & blueberries
  • Fruit jam
  • Cream cheese

This simple mix of flavors pairs well with a glass of red wine. When it comes to plating, you are the artists, but here are some tips. You should place things not only with appeal in mind, but utility. If using the Machika Cheeseboard, you want your knives to be with your cheeses and easy to grab. If your board is too packed, it may be difficult for you or your guest to get to certain areas without disturbing the entire spread. Your crackers and bread should be on the driest part of the board to avoid them getting soggy from any moisture from the fruit or the mozzarella. Try creating a symmetrical design with contrasting color placement to really make your board stand out.

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